About Us

Integrated and specialist analytical, research and development in chemical science

Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes [“EPP”], was founded in 1992 by Dr Stephen Newlands, originally an industrial research chemist with BP and thereafter a pharmaceutical research and development chemist with a Glaxo subsidiary (Macfarlan Smith Ltd) in Edinburgh. Stephen founded EPP drawing on the foundations of his previous industrial experience coupled with a desire to create a sustainable contract research organisation (CRO) utilising the considerable local graduate scientific labour resource associated with the leading universities situated near Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh.

We assist our clients by providing GLP analytical and physico-chemical testing to meet the requirements of international regulatory authorities . In the Agrochemical section our experienced staff work across two core areas:

• Analytical and Screening
including, Physico-Chemical Testing and 5-Batch Analysis

• Process Research and Development (R&D) (Synthetic Services)

With over 30 years’ experience, EPP offers an excellent level of customer service and satisfaction, combining scientific expertise with precise and effective project management and communication. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed on every detail of your project. Our small size means EPP is more agile and responsive to our clients’ requirements and often highly competitive on project timelines. Our experienced staff work across the core areas in a synergistic and efficient manner to achieve our business aims.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) is internationally recognised as being a global regulatory policy leader. The MHRA acts as the UK GLP monitoring authority and has inspected and certified EPP as GLP compliant since 2009. Our clients can be assured that EPP conducts GLP studies to the highest standards in the world.