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Why choose EPP

We are time and cost conscious and our practical tailored approach ensures we are well priced. Outcomes are important to everyone and developing long term partnerships with customers enables us to repeatedly deliver and bring cost effectiveness.

Aim and Vision

At EPP we aim to enlighten each customer, providing greater knowledge and understanding to accelerate and enable successful outcomes. We deliver this aim by providing integrated and specialist analytical and development services, of consistently superior quality, founded upon our expert competencies in screening and synthesis and analytical services.

Our innovative approach and unequalled performance confirms our position as a trusted, reliable partner and the CRO of choice.

Professionalism with a practical, commercial approach is the foundation of EPP. We develop a common understanding and realistic timelines, operating in an agile way, to manage and support your project.

Customer service is important to us, and we ensure we are responsive and easy to work with, you can rely on us to smooth your registration process.

Working with EPP, you can be assured we will deliver outcomes to complex projects. We work closely with customers, developing long term partnerships, to ensure you are well advised.

Independent, financially stable, with rigorous business continuity plans in place and the ambition and capacity to grow, we are capable of handling large-scale and business-critical projects for our clients.

You can trust us to do a great job.

Exploding registration myths

We understand your need for testing is regulatory driven. We provide support to the agrochemical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and industrial chemical sectors to help you achieve product registration.

Our GLP accreditation allows us to conduct a wide array of studies over various types of chemicals (e.g. agrochemicals, veterinary medicines, biocides, etc.)

For over 30 years we have been supporting registration systems across the world from the EU, South America, Central America and Canada to South Africa, Australia and SE Asia. This ensures we have in-depth knowledge of registration processes in different countries around the globe.

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The MythHow EPP can help
Only large or multi-national CROs can handle complex projects.


We understand there are different regulatory processes across different sectors. Our specialist knowledge and expertise enables us to handle complex projects, providing guidance and relevant advice to clients across all aspects of the registration process.
Only large or multi-national CROs can achieve registrations around the world.


Our vast experience and blend of capabilities across the team sets us apart. Our experts are agile and responsive. We can support registration systems across the world with our in-depth knowledge of registration processes in different countries around the globe.
You need to be based in the country you wish to achieve registration in.


Recognised and accepted worldwide, we have built a reputation for following rigorous, quality standards. Combined with all our accreditations including GLP standards, we are capable of supporting registration systems across the world.

Aiding smoother, faster registrations with EPP.

To find out more about our global reach contact our General Manager David Tredgett

Company valuesEPP Environmental Centre

Excellence as standard

Integrity is at the core of EPP and everything we do. Combined with our professionalism, this powerful blend ensures we continually set ourselves high quality standards to achieve and excel.

Building trust

Our scientific background and knowledge is wrapped with years of solid commercial experience. Flexibility and focus enable us to manage complex projects cost effectively, building trust along the way.

A wealth of knowledge

Our immense experience gathered over the years really does count. Our clients tell us so. We are proud of our diverse team of experts, who are on hand to complement and enhance your in-house capabilities.

Respectful, determined people

We want to do the best for every customer. Our personable, reliable team work closely with you to develop an understanding of your project and objectives, to achieve outcomes for you. We act as your trusted adviser to make this happen.

Sustainable business

We operate a healthy, sustainable, profitable business. Our mindset is to continue to achieve this in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, ensuring commercial stability and longevity for EPP and our customers.

Original and enterprising

Valued for our innovative approach, our team constantly brings new ideas to the fore. Striving for positive outcomes we work hard to continually improve.