Superb facilities and technical equipment capabilities

Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes [“EPP”] has superb facilities and technical equipment capabilities based across two sites which includes a dedicated GLP compliant Environmental Centre. Our sites are closely located outside Edinburgh, Scotland, and we offer facilities to handle large scale or complex projects.

Sites and facilities

The grounds of EPP's Glencorse Building at Pentlands Science Park

Location at Pentlands Science Park.

Glencorse Building, Pentlands Science Park

Research & Development Division
We have a custom synthesis house specialising in the production of analytical reference standards related to agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Our expertise, superb facilities and instruments enable us to undertake a diverse range of chemical reactions including the complex synthesis of chiral and isotopically labelled compounds. Indeed, we have worked on impurity and metabolite reference standards associated with over 200 active ingredients.

We can work on a scale ranging from milligrams to kilograms (used for non-clinical research purposes). Our range of synthetic services are supported with insightful guidance and advice. In addition, we are also able to support your in-house team with synthetically challenging problems, optimising the manufacturing process.

Analytical, Screening and Environmental sciences
EPP Environmental Centre, Bush Estate

EPP Environmental sciences environmental centre at Bush Estate

EPP Environmental Centre.

Our Environmental Centre is a fully GLP compliant facility.

Environmental Science (eFate) Division
We specialise in working with difficult substances including unstable and volatile molecules as well as chemical substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products and biological materials (UVCB).The site contains five large purpose built environmental laboratories, suitable for all types of freshwater aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology testing; three preparatory labs, a radiochemistry suite suitable for both formulation work and organic synthesis, and an analytical suite suitable for analysis of both radio-labelled and non-radio-labelled compounds.

Analytical & Screening Division
Our highly experienced team within the Analytical & Screening Division use several techniques including liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, spectrometry, and Karl Fischer analysis to provide quantitative and qualitative information on test substances.

EPP Key Equipment

You will find information within the undernoted leaflet on the key equipment and instruments which we have across our two sites, which ensures we provide you a service of excellence.


If you are interested in finding out more about our facilities and equipment or wish to book a visit please contact our General Manager Dr David Tredgett.