Meet the Team

  • Dr Stephen Newlands

    Managing Director

    Dr Stephen Newlands is the founder of EPP. He has been responsible, as Managing Director, for leading and directing the company from its creation in July 1992. Stephen is a graduate chemist [B.Sc. Hons. (1st class)] and holds a Ph.D. in synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. He is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist and also a Chartered Scientist.

  • Rosie Newlands

    Finance Director

    Mrs Rosie Newlands is the Finance Director at EPP Ltd. Rosie is a graduate in Mathematics [BSc] from Edinburgh University and holds an MSc from the University of Strathclyde. Rosie has worked at EPP Ltd since 2002 and is responsible for the financial interests of the company.

  • Dr David Tredgett

    General and R&D Manager

    David is a graduate chemist [B.Sc. Hons. (1st class)] and also holds a Ph.D. in synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry both from the University of Edinburgh. David commenced his industrial career as an R&D and scale-up production chemist with Avocado Research Chemicals (now Alfa Aesar) in Lancashire, England. David joined EPP in 2002 working firstly as a synthetic organic chemist in the R&D Department and has had various increasingly important managerial roles within the company including that of Production Manager, then QA Manager. David has been responsible for the operational side of the business as General Manager since 2013 and has ultimate legal responsibility for the GLP service in his capacity of GLP Named Operator. David is an active member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (professional qualification, MRSC) and is a Member of the Research Quality Association (“MRQA”).

  • Dr Karen Anderson

    QA Manager

    After graduating from Edinburgh University with an honours degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience (Merck, Sharpe and Dohme) Karen remained at the university to complete her PhD in Natural Product Synthesis. From 2002-2004 Karen worked as a Research Associate at AMRI, Syracuse, NY. Karen joined EPP in 2004 working in the synthetic team before moving into Quality Assurance in 2011 and has been the QA Manager since 2013.

  • Bruce Craig

    Analytical and Screening Services Manager

    Bruce joined EPP Ltd in May 2008 as Analytical Services Manager from previous employment at Charles River (previously Inveresk Research) where he spent 20 years as a study director in the agrochemical registration field. Bruce has conducted over 400 programmes of work in the 5-Batch Analysis and physico-chemical testing area. He has undertaken registration studies on new molecules for multinational companies as well as many studies conducted for off-patent generic molecules.

  • Team Members (A-Z)

  • William Arbuckle

    Study Director, Analytical (GLP)

    Wullie is one of our Study Director’s in the Analytical Services group. He joined EPP in 2012.

    Prior to joining EPP he was a Senior Scientist in the physico-chemical analysis group at MSD.

  • Liam Burns

    Study Director, Environmental Studies (GLP)

    After graduating with an honours degree in Chemistry in 2004, Liam went on to work in commercial contract research with Charles River Laboratories attaining over twelve years industrial experience, working to good laboratory practice (GLP), in the field of environmental safety testing.

    Liam joined EPP Ltd in 2016 working as a Study Director on environmental fate and ecotoxicology studies, supporting regulatory requirements for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and animal health sectors.

  • Maria Gillespie

    Archivist and Document Controller

    Maria joined EPP in 2019 as our Archivist and document controller in the GLP section of the company.

  • Derek Godden

    Study Director, Analytical (GLP)

    Derek graduated from Napier University with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry. Derek joined the GLP group of EPP in 2011 following his employment at Inveresk Research (Charles River Laboratories) where he was a study director for a number of year.

    Derek has been a Senior Study Director with EPP since 2012.

  • Dr Robin Hall

    Senior Scientific Officer, Research & Development

    Robin graduated from Queen Mary College ,University of London (BSc. Hons 2:1),then completed his PhD in Synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry at the University of Wales, Cardiff.

    Robin has over 30 years’ experience in organic synthesis working in several CRO’s.

    He started his industrial career at Maybridge Chemical Company as a synthetic chemist, progressing to team leader, Marketing officer and recruitment officer. After moving to Key Organics as a Team Leader, then a Group Leader, finally achieving the position of Principal Chemist (Custom Chemistry).

    Robin joined EPP as a synthetic chemist in 2007.

    He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry with the professional qualification of Chartered Chemist (CChem MRSC).

  • Andrew Hamilton

    Facilities & Maintenance

    After 18 years as a welder and sheet metalworker in the Royal Air Force working on numerous aircraft types and bases. Andy returned to Edinburgh to work firstly as a blacksmith then as a sheet metalworker specialising in stainless steel fabrications and eventually for 15 years as a Maintenance engineer for CRL where he was awarded a 3Rs Roche award in the category Laboratory Animal Care & Management for his Design of a mobile adjustable rabbit pen.

    Andy joined EPP in March 2017 where he has been involved with the design and fitout of the labs within our Environmental Centre, as well as, the repair and maintenance of equipment used within the organisation.

  • James Hogan

    Study Director, Screening (GLP)

    Since graduating from the University of Liverpool with a BSc (Hons) in Medicinal Chemistry in 2014, James accumulated experience across a number of analytical roles, before joining EPP in 2018.

    Our resident GC-MS expert, James has gained a reputation for developing analytical methods for complex active substances and related impurities.

  • Sharon McCluskie

    Administration Manager

    Sharon joined EPP in 2019 as our Administration Manager with a wealth of admin knowledge and experience.

    Working in an ever-changing and busy environment, she covers all aspects of the business day-to day-administration including marketing and communications.

  • John McPherson

    Senior Scientific Officer (GLP)

    John is one of the Senior Scientific Officers who joined EPP in 2012. He has over 20 years’ experience as an analytical chemist in both the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

    John is highly experienced in Mass spectrometry (MS) and heads up the Screening Team.

  • Dr Lee Mitchell

    Synthetic Organic Chemist

    After graduating from Leicester University with an honours degree in Chemistry with a year at SUNY at Buffalo, New York, Lee spent a year at Oxford Diversity (now Evotec) before completing his PhD at the University of Manchester with Tim Donohoe. From there, Lee went on to do postdoctoral work at the University of Nottingham for just over 2 years.

    Lee has since worked at Scottish Biomedical, Syngenta and the Drug Discovery Unit in Dundee, LGC Link where he became Lead Chemist.

    Lee now back in Scotland joined EPP for the second time in 2020.

  • Graeme Muir

    Analyst (GLP)

    Graeme joined EPP from the Medicinal Chemistry/R&D Team at Edinburgh University Pharmacology in 1998 and has worked several roles throughout his illustrious career at EPP.

    Graeme is an synthetic chemist with over 18 years experience, and more recently working in an analytical capacity, within the GLP group.

  • Joanne Nelson

    Lab Orderly

    Joanne joined EPP in 2000 and is one of our longest serving team members.

    Joanne is responsible for ensuring our laboratory glassware and labs are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and keeps all our Chemists and lab staff in check!

    Joanne also oversees all the daily fume hood and temperature checks.

  • Jurijs Svedovs

    Study Director (GLP)

    During his student years (bachelor degree 2002-2006) Jurijs participated in an apprenticeship at the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (2003-2006).

    During and after graduating with an master degree in Chemistry (2006-2008), Jurijs went on to work in research with the Laboratory of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases (2006-2011) attaining over five years of work experience in research, field sampling techniques, and working to good laboratory practice (GLP), in the field of occupational health and safety testing.

    Jurijs joined EPP in 2014 as an analyst and since 2016 as a Study Director on studies of various nature: physico-chemical characterisation, 5-batch analysis and ecotoxicology, supporting regulatory requirements for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and animal health sectors.

    Jurijs first language is Russian.

  • Christopher Wong

    Trainee Study Director (GLP)

    Chris joined EPP as an Analyst in 2018 after completing a Masters in Pharmaceutical Analysis at Strathclyde University. His Masters project was in developing a rapid HPLC column characterisation method sponsored by Shimadzu UK.

    Since starting at EPP, Chris has been continuously developing and is now a trainee Study Director and is also responsible for GLP NMR analysis at EPP.

  • Dr Alan Zhao

    Scientific Officer (Commercialisation Officer)

    After obtaining a MChem degree in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, Alan stayed at the same university to complete his PhD study in Chemical Biology.

    Alan joined EPP Ltd in 2021 as a scientific officer (commercialisation officer).

    Alan is fluent in Mandarin.