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EPP has significant experience in performing the physico-chemical tests within the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, animal health and industrial chemical fields.  We can perform (or subcontract*) the following tests to help you get your product to market:

CIPAC Methods

MT 3.3 Specific Gravity / Density of Suspension Concentrate Formulation
MT 15.1 Wettable Powder
MT 20 Dilute Emulsion Stability
MT 23 Miscibility with Hydrocarbon Oil
MT 31 Free Acidity or Alkalinity
MT 33 Tap Density – Powder
MT 34 Dustability after storage
MT 36 Emulsion Characteristics of Emulsifiable Concentrates
MT 39 Stability of Liquid Formulations
MT 41 Solution Stability of all Aqueous Solutions
MT 44 Flowability Powders
MT 46 Accelerated Storage Procedure
MT 47 Persistent Foaming
MT 53 Wettability
MT 58 Dust Content
MT 58.4 Apparent Density
MT 59.1 Dustable Powders
MT 59.2 Sieve Analysis
MT 75 Determination of pH Values
MT 83 Adhesion to Seeds
MT 146 Oil content of Emulsifiable Concentrates
MT 147 Retention of Seed Treatment Powders
MT 148 Pourability of Suspension Concentrates
MT 159 Pour Density
MT 160 Spontaneity of Dispersion of Suspension Concentrates
MT 161 Suspension Concentrate
MT 167 Wet Sieve after Dispersion
MT 168 Water Dispersible Granule
MT 169 Tap Density – WG
MT 170 Dry Sieve Analysis of Water Dispersible Granules
MT 171 Dustiness
MT 172 Flowability of Granular Preparations after Heat Test Under Pressure
MT 173 Stability of Dilute Emulsion (colorimetric)
MT 174 Dispersibility of Water Dispersible Granules
MT 176 Dissolution Rate of Water Soluble Bags
MT 177 Water Dispersible Powder
MT 178 Attrition Resistance
MT 179 Degree of Dissolution and Solution Stability
MT 180 Dispersion Stability of Suspo-Emulsion
MT 182 Wet Sieve Recycled Water
MT 184 Suspensibility of Formulations Forming Suspensions on Dilution With Water
MT 185 Wet Sieve Test
MT 186 Bulk Density
MT 191 Acidity or Alkalinity of Formulations


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