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EPP has significant experience in performing the physico-chemical tests within the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, animal health and industrial chemical fields.  We can perform (or subcontract*) the following tests to help you get your product to market:

OJEC Test Methods

A1 UV-VIS Absorption Spectra
A2 Melting Point/Melting Range
A3 Relative Density
A4 Vapour Pressure*
A6 Water Solubility
A8 Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water): Shake Flask Method
A9 Flash-Point (Liquids)*
A10 Flammability (Solids)*
A11 Flammability (Gases)*
A12 Flammability (Contact with Water)*
A13 Pyrophoric Properties of Solids and Liquids*
A14 Explosive Properties*
A15 Auto-Ignition Temperature (Liquids and Gases)*
A16 Relative Self-Ignition Temperature for Solids*
A17 Oxidising Properties (Solids)*
A18 Number – Average Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distribution of Polymers*
A19 Low Molecular Weight Content of Polymers*
A20 Solution / Extraction Behaviour of Polymers in Water*
A21 Oxidising Properties (Liquids)*
C7 Degradation: Abiotic Degradation: Hydrolysis as a Function of pH
C18 Adsorption-Desorption Using a Batch Equilibrium Method*
C19 Estimation of the Adsorption Coefficient (Koc) on Soil and on Sewage Sludge using

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

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