Aquatic Ecotoxicology

Our Environmental Centre has five large purpose built environmental laboratories, each of which is fully equipped to conduct static, semi-static and continuous flow freshwater ecotoxicology tests using our own freshwater from a borehole located on-site.

We offer the following tests:

OECD 201Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria, Growth Inhibition Test
OECD 202Daphnia sp. Acute Immobilisation Test
OECD 203Fish, Acute Toxicity Test
OECD 209Activated Sludge, Respiration Inhibition Test
OECD 210Fish, Early Life Stage Toxicity Test
OECD 211Daphnia magna Reproduction Test
OECD 218Sediment-Water Chironomid Toxicity Using Spiked Sediment
OECD 219Sediment-Water Chironomid Toxicity Using Spiked Water
OECD 221Lemna sp. Growth Inhibition Test
OECD 225Sediment-Water Lumbriculus Toxicity Test Using Spiked Sediment
OECD 233Sediment-Water Chironomid Life-Cycle Toxicity Test Using Spiked Water or Spiked Sediment
OECD 235Chironomus sp., Acute Immobilisation Test
OECD 238Sediment-Free Myriophyllum spicatum Toxicity Test
OECD 239Water-Sediment Myriophyllum spicatum Toxicity Test