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We understand that delivering quality studies to a high standard within reliable delivery deadlines is crucial for environmental-fate projects. Our team of experienced environmental fate scientists have gained their knowledge and expertise supporting global clients across the full repertoire of e-fate studies including active ingredients.

The environmental fate service area has strengthened the existing ecotoxicology team at EPP. Operating from our purposefully designed facility our aim is to develop long term partnerships with customers to enable us to repeatedly deliver and bring cost effectiveness. Agile and responsive, we can act quickly, providing reporting and results in much reduced timelines compared to others in the market. For a standard test design with guideline required endpoints we will be significantly quicker than competitors.

We offer extensive knowledge across a large number of actives and test designs including bespoke and difficult substances.

We are a member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry and will be attending Crop Innovations and Regulations (CIR) in Barcelona on 4th-6th September 2018.

EPP complete environmental-fate service

We have the capability and capacity to cover all aspects of environmental fate and we support a variety of biodegradation study designs.

Environmental fate studies

Biodegradation studies