AgroChemEx 2016 success and China visits

Following a successful trip to China in June, Dr Stephen Newlands returned in October accompanied by Sarah Farr, EPP’s new Business Development Executive, to attend AgroChemEx 2016 in Shanghai. Hosted by the China Crop Protection Industry Association, AgroChemEx attracts over 600 exhibitors, who together account for 80% of China’s pesticide output. It is an excellent event for EPP to meet with the top manufacturers, distributors and consultants across China and built on our already excellent reputation.

EPP supports a number of large companies in China for registration worldwide of their crop protection products. Building on current relationships with our customers, EPP had a number of meetings allowing us to meet face to face to discuss projects and to inform our clients of new regulatory challenges and how we may assist. EPP prides itself on being the CRO of choice. We offer a comprehensive service and believe it is important to involve us from the initial steps of your registration process. EPP can assist in improving the manufacturing process, impurity profiling and screening, through to synthesis of reference standards and finally on to the 5-batch analysis. The visit allowed us to enlighten our potential Chinese clients as to why they should choose EPP for worldwide registration.

Photo of Sarah Farr at AgroChemEx 2016 in Shanghai

Dr Stephen Newlands and Sarah Farr at AgroChemEx 2016, Shanghai, China

AgroChemEx was also an excellent platform to extend our conversation about EPP’s position regarding Brexit with those raising concern. EPP is based in Scotland, UK and at present, it is ‘business as usual’ with no change in the short term. Britain will notify the European Union of its intention of leaving in the first quarter of 2017 and this will be followed by a negotiation period of over two years. It is important to note that technical equivalence dossiers will not be impacted during this period and all approved sources by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD), will remain accepted in the EU. It was also noted that submission through the CRD is currently more economical due to the weakening pound worldwide.

Whilst located in Shanghai for the event, Stephen and Sarah visited a number of potential and current clients in their offices and labs. It was an excellent opportunity to understand the needs of clients in greater detail and helped relationships to be forged and strengthened. China is an important market for us and we intend to continue to regularly visit in order to maintain good communication and understanding.