Appointment made for Royal Society of Chemistry sponsored placement


EPP is at a really exciting phase in its growth and progress. Consolidating EPP’s position as a trusted, reliable partner and the CRO of choice is a key objective for 2016.

As part of this growth we have worked with the Royal Society of Chemistry to offer a one-year industrial placement grant for a chemistry undergraduate student in the Analytical Chemistry team. Abbie Smith, the winning applicant, will join us in July 2016. Abbie is approaching the end of her third year as a Chemistry student at the University Of York and will embark upon her final degree year in industry as an analyst with EPP.

Abbie Smith

Abbie Smith will join EPP on a one year industrial placement

Rosalind Stuart, Head of HR Education and Training at EPP Ltd, confirmed, “Developing new talent and bringing new skills into the business plays a crucial part in EPP’s growth. We see placements such as this as instrumental to the overall development of our services.”

“Abbie was an outstanding candidate and will be working in our GLP analytical team on a range of organic compounds for clients in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries in the UK, mainland Europe and around the world. The focus is to conduct validation studies for existing study designs in the area of regulatory 5 Batch analysis. The aim is to research any new technologies to enhance the overall capability of the analytical group.”

Abbie advised, “I have carried out various scientific short term placements over the last couple of years, one of which was in a hospital Histopathology Lab which confirmed my passion for practical laboratory work. I am very much looking forward to on the job training, learning from experienced professionals and having the scope to consolidate my knowledge of analytical chemistry. This placement offers the opportunity to work with agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, something which is not available in a university lab, which makes it all the more exciting.”

“At the end of my industrial placement with EPP in July 2017 I will graduate from York University with a Masters of Chemistry degree title of “Chemistry with Medicinal and Biological Chemistry”, ready to take the next steps in my scientific career.”