CIA mission to the USA


We caught up with our Managing Director, James Stuart, a week ago as he was travelling with the CIA (Chemical Industries Association) on a UKTI sponsored Trade Mission. The mission was focusing on the Agrochemical sector and included visits to the multination innovation companies, Chemicals America and a round table discussion about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) at the British Embassy in Washington D.C.

A group photograph taken outside the British Embassy in Washington DC

Best of British; our Managing Director, James Stuart, with members of the CIA and UKTI Trade Mission in front of the British Embassy in Washington D.C.

Now that he is back in the UK we thought we’d ask him to reflect on the trip and share some of his views.

“The mission was a great success providing an interesting insight to the major multination companies in the Agrochemical market, their take on the ‘mega trends’ in world food supply and also the role UKTI and government are playing. Huge thanks need to go to the Chemical Industries Association who together with UKTI pulled all of this together.”

“From our point of view the trip was very encouraging; the need for continued supply and innovation in the agrochemical market is strong and is forecast to grow. The appetite for collaborative working and streamlined supply chains is considerable and the requirement to “fail fast,” or in other words, assess the core viability of a project as quickly as possible is a major driver.  Here at EPP, we are well placed to meet these requirements and emerging trends. Our approach; seeking to help enlighten and empower our clients with key information to allow decisions as early as possible supports the “fail fast” mantra. We, like these major players, are making sure innovation is supported and, of course, collaboration and partnership working are second nature to us. All in all, we are already shaped to meet the demands of this competitive and demanding market.”

A group photograph in the gardens outside the British Embassy in Washington DC

Best of British; our Managing Director, James Stuart, with members of the CIA and UKTI Trade Mission outside the British Embassy in Washington D.C.

“An interesting dimension to the trip was the Political perspective. Whilst party politics were not explored the UK and US approaches to the Fine Chemical sector and Transatlantic trade and investment were. It is clear that both countries are placing considerable emphasis on the fine chemical sector. For the UK, fine chemicals already generates greater than £7Bn of surplus export over import and the CIA and the Government are certain more is possible. We are certain EPP can play a part in this and continue to provide world class services around the world and to support one of the UK’s strongest sectors.”

James will be joining UKTI and Scottish Development International early next month in Madrid at CPhI 2015. This time, the focus will be on the Pharmaceutical sector, a sector EPP has a long history of supporting — In fact, EPP was founded with the aim of supporting process development and optimisation in the pharmaceutical industry. Since then we have built on that capability to become a leading GLP analytical and ecotoxicology lab.