CRD – Technical Equivalence Workshop, 10 November 2016, York

EPP prides itself on keeping up to date with the most recent changes in the regulatory system for the submission of crop protection products. Derek Godden, a study director within the analytical services department attended the CRD – Technical Equivalence Workshop in York run by the HSL.

This one day workshop provided training via a series of presentations and practical sessions to support technical equivalence applications to CRD (Chemicals Regulation Directorate) in accordance with Regulation EC 1107/2009.   Additionally, the workshop addressed Chemistry (Tier 1) and Toxicology (Tier 2) in line with current guidance SANCO/10597/2003 rev. 10.1. The event was specifically designed for registration specialists involved in the preparation and submission of technical equivalence applications to HSE’s Chemicals Regulation Division.

There are a number of changes to be introduced by the CRD for technical equivalence submissions in order to firstly, align HSE’s processes with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, secondly, increase the predictability in delivery of regulatory decisions and thirdly, to ensure HSE fully recovers all costs of the work involved in the evaluation process.

The course also covered a number of the most common problems during validation of methods in 5-batch analysis. It is with confidence that EPP can confirm that our experimental work goes beyond the scope required for submission and that we are in line with what is required by the CRD.


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