ECHA – New substances potentially subject to compliance checks

To ensure the safe use of substances and compliance of the related registration dossier under the REACH Regulation, The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has released an updated list of new substances which are potentially subject to compliance checks.

ECHA requests registrants to review their related registration dossiers by 31 October 2017 and update them with any new and/or relevant information including, where applicable, an update of the CSR and change of the tonnage band to ensure they undertake a compliance check on the most up to date information in the registration dossier.

If you have registered these substances, please check if your dossier needs updating.

EPP can provide analytical testing both non-GLP and GLP and have quick turnaround times.

In addition, we kindly remind registrants preparing for the REACH 2018 deadline that ecotoxicological tests need to be carried out in compliance with good laboratory practice (GLP). ECHA only accepts test data from OECD Member States or from full adherents to the OECD mutual acceptance of data system.

Registrants should carefully select the laboratory that carries out tests for them. The test facility must be regularly inspected within the OECD GLP monitoring programme by a national GLP monitoring authority. Also, the test facility has to have a GLP certification for the area of expertise relevant for the particular test.

EPP can assist with analytical and ecotoxicology testing for REACH. We are fully GLP complainant and being located in Scotland means we are a part of the OECD Member States.

Should you wish to find out more, please contact Sarah Farr.