EPP boost quality assurance and GLP expertise

At EPP we pride ourselves on our strict adherence to the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Clients value this rigour and as a result we continue to enjoy an increase in demand for our expert GLP knowledge; in particular for 5-Batch Analysis for which we are widely renowned. To support this demand we have strengthened our Quality Assurance team with the appointment of Dr Jamie McKinven MChem (Hons) as a QA Auditor.

Jamie McKinven-29-2-16 crop

Dr Karen Anderson, QA Manager at EPP, advises, “We are committed to providing superior quality across all aspects of our work. In addition we are time and cost conscious. It is this combination of attributes which ensures we are well priced and attracts clients time and time again.”

“Jamie was an excellent choice for this role having graduated from the University of Sussex with an honours degree in Chemistry and more recently completing his PhD in Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh in 2016. Jamie’s PhD studies also touched upon the areas of inorganic catalysis and main group chemistry.”

Jamie’s general interests beyond quality assurance include inorganic and organic chemistry particularly synthesis and characterisation, main group chemistry and organometallics, in addition to analytical chemistry.

Starting immediately, Jamie confirms, “I am delighted to accept this role as I know quality assurance is a critical part of the EPP approach. I look forward to working on the continuous improvement of our processes, our customer service standards and ultimately our quality assurance to each client. It is this which will continue to drive the expansion of our GLP services.”

EPP are GLP and SEPA compliant, have strategic partnerships with leading professional bodies including Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Society of Biology and have secured various business accreditations such as Scotland Business Pledge.