EPP Quarterly Newsletter Issue 1: EPP portfolio expansion


EPP’s existing and developing services sit astride Scotland’s Life and Chemical Sciences sectors and it is clear from the National Strategies of these sectors that industry at large and the Scottish Government believe in the opportunity they present and the growth possible.

2015 and 2016 to date has seen another phase of expansion at EPP, part of a longer term plan for high growth that will see EPP develop our service offering, reach into new geographical markets and grow to over 50 staff by 2020.

Growth across the EPP team

In the last year we have made 13 appointments and 8 promotions to extend and expand our existing capabilities including 8 scientific posts and 5 administrative and managerial roles.

The EPP team

Our Quality Assurance team has grown with the promotion of Richard Newlands to Quality Systems Officer and the appointment of Dr Jamie McKinven MChem (Hons) as a QA Auditor. These new roles recognises the importance of constantly engaging with the minutiae of an ever changing regulatory landscape and in doing so guarantee the best possible product for clients.

In addition, two new management roles were defined and filled. Rosalind Stuart joined as Head of HR, Education and Training at EPP and Emma Thomas joined as Head of Marketing. Holly Taylor was appointed Executive Officer to support the management team. To address the additional demands of a growing scientific team, Joshua Curran joined the support services team and works with Andy Hamilton, Facilities Manager, to manage and maintain the equipment and facilities.

New environmental fate service

Since the launch of our refurbished Environmental Centre in 2014 we have enjoyed increased demand for our environmental science services. As a result of a major client win we recruited an experienced Study Director, Liam Burns, in January to enhance the existing environmental sciences team and Andrea Milne was promoted to Study Director, to manage the demand for ecotoxicology projects. In February the team was boosted with the arrival of two new Environmental Analysts, Jamie Irvine and Paula Milliken.

We have taken up organisational membership with the Royal Society of Biology to support the biologists working within this growing team.

Research, Development and Small Scale Manufacture

To more fully reflect the work undertaken, our Synthesis team has been renamed as the Research, Development and Small Scale Manufacture department with the promotion of Dr Lorna Kennedy to R&D and SSM Manager. With many years of experience as a custom synthesis house, specialising in the production of unique and rare organic molecules, EPP can work independently or support client’s in-house teams with highly challenging problems to bring value-added solutions and protect intellectual property.

Analytical services

Here at EPP we have a reputation for providing excellent and comprehensive analytical services providing guidance and relevant advice to clients across all aspects of the registration process. Our one-stop shop service across the 5-Batch analysis spectrum is particularly well renowned with an expansive portfolio of clients who use this expert service.

In February we appointed Sarah Farr and Samantha Moreton, adding expertise in medicinal and biological chemistry and bioanalytical chemistry to the strong experienced analytical team. William Arbuckle, a senior chemical analyst, was promoted to the role of Study Director. Richard Brewster, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, also joined the GLP team in February for 3 months as part of his EASTBio doctoral training programme. Abbie Smith will be joining us in July for a one-year undergraduate placement sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry.