EPP further strengthens specialist environmental fate team


Further to the recent appointment of Liam Burns as Study Director of Environmental Fate at the start of the year, we have augmented our environmental fate team with the appointment of Michael Grant as Study Director.

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Chris Doig, Environmental Science Manager at EPP, states, “As a result of major investment in the refurbishment of EPP’s Environmental Centre we offer a fully GLP compliant site managed and operated by experienced environmental scientists. Our environmental fate team present impressive and extensive experience gained from the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and animal health sectors, working across the full repertoire of studies required for regulatory submission.”

“Michael graduated with an MSci in Chemistry in 2011 which included a 14 month placement in the environmental sciences department at Charles River.  After graduating he furthered his career in the environmental group at Charles River, progressing rapidly to become a Study Director. We are delighted that Michael has joined the EPP team, adding to our portfolio of expertise.”

Michael Grant advises, ”During my professional career to date I have performed a wide range of studies including a number of bespoke non-guideline studies. I’ve gained a large amount of experience in working to GLP, working with difficult substances, complex test items, radiochemicals and studies designed to support registration in a number of different regions.”

“I was drawn to EPP because of the excellent existing reputation and the exciting opportunities. EPP has a growing environmental sciences department and I look forward to helping the group grow further by expanding their environmental fate services.”