EU Biocides Seminar: The End of the Beginning, 18th May 2017


EPP is looking forward to attending the EU biocides seminar run by Steptoe & Johnson LLP in Brussels on Thursday 18th May 2017. Steptoe’s annual biocides seminar provides a forum for regulators and industry to exchange views on problem areas, share best practices, and plan for the future.


Speakers are drawn from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the European Commission, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI), industry, and Steptoe’s biocides team.


Key Topics:

  • The work of ECHA’s Biocidal Products Committee and priorities
  • Innovation and the BPR: Happy bedfellows?
  • Authorisation strategies: An industry perspective
  • The Commission’s perspective on enforcement
  • Treated articles enforcement
  • Litigation on data sharing before the Board of Appeal and the European Court of Justice
  • Approaches to biocides beyond the EU: US and Korea
  • Issues for downstream users of biocides (cosmetics, food contact, and other uses)


Attending from EPP will be Andrea Milne, study director, environmental sciences. Our aims are to understand the future direction of biocide regulations in order to maintain a high standard for our clients.