GLP Studies in China

The Research Quality Association annual conference covered some interesting ground this year including a series of presentations from the GLP Committee which have been written up in the January edition of their magazine, QUASAR. Of particular note was an item discussing contracting or subcontracting GLP studies to Chinese laboratories claiming GLP compliance. Despite this apparent compliance the UK GLP Monitoring Authority has indicated it will not accept OECD GLP studies conducted in China. OECD GLP regulations differ to those of the Chinese FDA systems and it is considered unlikely that China will become part of the OECD anytime soon. The advice is to conduct studies in China for the Chinese market and not for the rest of the world.

In the pursuit of qualityQuasar

It will no surprise to hear that here at EPP we take quality very seriously. We are of course a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant facility and that drives elements of our quality system. But for us quality is about a lot more than the GLP system. We believe it is an intrinsic principle that drives reviews and improvements across all of our systems and practices. A big part of how we make sure quality is considered in everything we do is the way we recruit, train and support our staff.

As a service business we are dependent upon our staff; they drive our business on and they make sure that the quality we aspire to is achieved and maintained. To make sure we attract and retain the very best we have stepped up our activity on this front and built on the foundations we had. In addition to the review of basic HR systems, pay and conditions we also set out to develop and enhance our approach to professional development.

This revised approach has included drawing heavily on the Royal Society of Chemistry, The Royal Society of Biology and the Research Quality Association. Relationships with these bodies open up a host of opportunities to allow our team to get to and stay at the top of their game. We deliberately look outside our sector too, to make sure we aren’t blind to development in the broader environment that may help us to improve.

We are very proud of our team and the quality of our activity; if you would like to find out more about our approach our MD, James Stuart, or our Head of HR, Education and Training, Rosalind Stuart, would be happy to explore this further with you.