New Development Team initiative launched at EPP


We are delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative at EPP, the Development Team, which has been designed to harness the enthusiasm and talent of our staff.

With substantial recent growth at EPP this initiative, driven by Rosalind Stuart Head of HR Training and Education, is to provide junior staff members with the opportunity to flourish and develop beyond their direct day to day job responsibilities.

EPP Development Team

The EPP Development Team: Holly Taylor, Sarah Farr, and Samantha Moreton

Rosalind Stuart stated, “The purpose of the Development Team will be to explore and engage in areas of development which are of benefit to the strategic direction of EPP. This will enable both personal development and enhance the capabilities within the business. I am delighted with the positive reaction the initiative has received and our first Development Team consists of Sarah Farr and Samantha Moreton, both Analytical Chemists, and Holly Taylor, our Executive Officer.”

The successful proposals cover Corporate Social Responsibility from Holly Taylor, Company Outreach from Samantha Moreton including becoming a formal STEM Ambassador for EPP and Business Development and Communications from Sarah Farr. We see the STEM Ambassador role as an important step enabling us to actively contribute to the wider community by encouraging young people to work in life sciences.