Plant protection products and active substances – The current picture, 7th December 2016, York

EPP is keen to be at the forefront of the latest developments from the CRD (Chemicals Regulation Directorate). Our highly experienced deputy manager of the analytical services department, Eilidh Paterson, attended the latest event run by HSE’s CRD entitled ‘Plant protection products and active substances – The current picture’.  This is the latest talk about plant protection products and biocides in the events programme for 2016/17. The one day event provided an update on the workings of the current regulatory regime, outlined recent changes and reflected on experiences to date.

crdThe UK is a key player in the development of global regulatory control of the manufacture and use of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, biocides and other industrial chemicals. The UK regulatory authorities have a great amount of influence in the approach to chemical regulation in the EU and throughout the world. The CRD continues to provide an excellent service and they are committed to improving their decision making, communication, engagement and flexibility. The average number of active applications between 2012 and 2013 was 364, of which 88% were dealt with within the deadline. Compared to the next highest in the EU which achieved 30%, the CRD excel at processing submissions and the average decision time on applications is significantly lower than the rest of the EU.

This event also gave an opportunity for a discussion on Brexit and how it may affect submissions. The CRD are willing to acknowledge the concerns of the industry and our feedback will help to shape and change things for the better. EPP is in an excellent position and we are active in creating a positive future post-Brexit.