Prosperous visit to CAC in Shanghai for EPP

Every year EPP attends the China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition held in the SNIEC in Shanghai. This year was no exception; Dr Stephen Newlands, owner and managing director along with Sarah Farr, Business Development Executive attended the event as delegates.

With over 25 years’ experience in the agrochemical industry, EPP are well placed to assist manufacturers with their GLP registration needs. Many conversations were held regarding GLP 5-batch analysis and physico-chemical testing on a variety of generics. For those actives which are coming off patent soon, EPP already has experience screening certain products, assisting with the manufacturing process and can also provide x-ray crystallography services. Please contact should you want to know more information.


Discussions also took place regarding ecotoxicology and environmental fate for those companies who wish to fill a ‘data-gap’ or change of use requirement.

It is important to EPP that we meet with our current clients whose work is ongoing. We provide a face-to-face update on projects and welcome the opportunity to discuss the client’s requirements. EPP has built strong and long lasting relationships with many global companies in this way and we strive to continue creating new partnerships.

EPP’s product catalogue was launched a few weeks prior to the event and this was the first opportunity to market our newest service. The vast number and breath of analytical reference standards that EPP have in stock was an exciting prospect for those within the industry who struggle to find a lab to synthesise the impurities, metabolite or degradants required. We believe that EPP’s product catalogue will become the ‘go-to’ for analytical reference standards within the agrochemical industry. A combination of 25 years’ experience and an excellent reputation for quality means that our library of compounds relating to over 200 actives will be hugely beneficial for registration managers across the world.

It must also be noted that if the compound which you require is not present in our catalogue, our highly skilled synthetic chemists can assist you with your request and have experience synthesising tricky compounds unlikely to be commercially available.

EPP looks forward to the next visit to China and meeting with our current and new clients.