Research, Development and Small Scale Manufacture at EPP

To more fully reflect the work undertaken, our Synthesis team has been renamed as the Research, Development and Small Scale Manufacture department with the promotion of Dr Lorna Kennedy to R&D and SSM Manager.

James Stuart, MD of EPP Ltd, stated, “This is part of EPP’s current phase of expansion to develop our service offering. With many years experience as a custom synthesis house, specialising in complex metabolites and reference standards for hard to find impurities, EPP can work independently or support client’s in-house teams with highly challenging problems to bring value-added solutions and protect intellectual property.”

LK NMR cropped

“We are keen to develop this aspect of the business further adding to our existing expertise and knowledge. Lorna’s specialist skills in the design, research and development of new products, and the scale-up for production ensure she is a perfect fit for this management role.”

Lorna has a BSc and PhD from the University College of Dublin. Her PhD specialised in synthetic organic chemistry, focusing on asymmetric synthesis of tertiary phosphines and their potential applications in catalysis. At Warwick Chemicals, North Wales, Lorna researched bleach activators and their use in laundry detergents and was involved in the R&D of new products and the scale-up for production.

A Post-Doctoral research position at Heriot Watt University in 2014 provided Lorna with the opportunity to further expand her synthetic portfolio as well as manage a team of research students and graduates, keeping track of projects and ensuring that deadlines were met. The project, research into porphycenes and their potential use in photodynamic therapy as a treatment for some cancers, employed a multistep syntheses of macrocycles involving for example: nitro-aldols, iodinations and various cross-coupling reactions.

Lorna advised, “I am delighted with the opportunity to develop a vital part of the business and manage a team at this point in my career. Since joining EPP in the summer of 2015 as a GLP analyst I have already undertaken specialist NMR training with Dr. Alan Boyd and with Bruker, which will be an important skill to apply in my new role as R&D and SSM Manager.”