EPP used as leadership case study by Scottish Enterprise


Scottish Enterprise identified EPP as an example where a focus on leadership development has had a significant and positive impact on business performance. EPP has engaged in Scottish Enterprise’s leadership development programmes with the knowledge that strong leadership enables and empowers people to fulfil their potential and help the company succeed. As a result EPP has grown from 23 to 32 employees in the past 12 months, with turnover up by approximately 40%.

Portrait of James Stuart, MD of EPP

James Stuart, MD at EPP. Photograph courtesy of Scottish Enterprise/McAteer Photograph

James Stuart, Managing Director at EPP, confirmed “We’ve worked quite intensively with Scottish Enterprise to develop our leadership across the company, with three of our key people having gone through the Leadership for Growth and Managing People for Growth programmes, and three more signed up for it. We’ve also benefitted from in-depth assistance on organisational development, supported by focused workshops, which has helped us to align the way we lead and structure the company with our business goals.

“This has changed the face of the business by restructuring our recruitment and team management processes which in turn has led to exciting fresh talent, an evolving and more energised new company culture, and a positive shift in client relationships as they have responded to our happier and more-engaged team.”

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