Students experience working laboratory environment at EPP

Katie Hutchison and Cailin Donaldson are currently studying Applied Biological Science at Stirling University. They are in their 3rd year and as part of their course have chosen to come to EPP to experience at first hand what it is like to work in a laboratory environment and to hone skills learnt at university in a working laboratory. This placement will enable them to gain valuable insight, an opportunity that many students do not have access to, which will increase their employability.

Katie and Cailin crop

During their 5-week placement both students have been given separate projects to work on. Katie will be researching Crangon crangon and Cailin Arenicola marina for an upcoming study. These projects are designed to allow both Cailin and Katie to expand on skills such as culturing, animal husbandry, time management, project management and organisation.

Rosalind Stuart, Head of HR Education and Training at EPP, stated, “During their placement Katie and Cailin will be shadowing staff members which will give them the opportunity to see equipment in use that may not necessarily be available to them at university. We are delighted to have these two students as part of the team for 5 weeks and welcome them wholeheartedly to team EPP.”