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Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes [EPP] is an award winning GLP Contract Research Laboratory, with over 28 years’ experience. EPP provides GLP analytical, physico-chemical and environmental testing in accordance with worldwide regulations such as OECD, ISO, and OPPTS. Our experienced staff work across three core areas: Analytical and Screening, Environmental Sciences, and Process Research and Development (R&D).

As the challenge of Covid-19 continues with tighter restrictions in place we would like to take this opportunity to notify you that EPP are fully operational and open for business and are here to meet your laboratory requirements.

We have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers, following government guidance to minimise risk. We are committed to supporting our customers with our complete range of operations delivered to you with a high level of service and efficiency.
We have extensive knowledge and experience in:

• Analytical & Screening – Our analytical department is renowned for providing an excellent, comprehensive, one-stop service for regulatory 5-batch analysis studies and support physico-chemical product chemistry testing for agrochemical clients across the world. Additionally, EPP support REACH testing employing a number of analytical techniques necessary to characterise chemical test items.

• Our Environmental Fate scientists offer our clients a full repertoire of GLP compliant studies across soils, sediments and natural waters. All studies can be undertaken using radio labelled substances such as 14C or 3H as well as non-labelled substances. Our purpose-built facility is equipped with a range of analytical equipment such as LSC, TOC, radio-HPLC, HPLC-UV and LC-MS/MS.

• Research & Development – Our synthetic chemists are highly experienced in the production of unique and rare organic molecules including hard-to-find impurities and metabolites related to active ingredients or associated with controlled drugs. We typically work on a scale ranging from milligrams to kilograms and can, if required, certify the standards to GLP.

• NMR Testing – We have our own in-house, GLP compliant, 500 MHz NMR spectrometer supported by a dedicated and highly experienced NMR team. We offer a standalone NMR service to clients in addition to supporting other EPP services.

Product Catalogue – We have 1000s of rare and unique compounds in stock! Should you wish further information please contact us enquiries@eppltd.com

Our Dispatch department ship orders out quickly and efficiently, many on next day delivery. In the event the situation changes, we will notify you as soon as possible.