Supporting registrations around the world

At EPP we have a 30 year long pedigree supporting crop protection and agrochemical product portfolios around the world. Using our extensive capabilities we can also support the registration of biocides.

Our vast experience and knowledge means we understand the subtleties of what you have to deal with, such as continual time challenges and changing legislative environments, to achieve successful product registrations.

We have experience with a variety of Active Ingredients, more information on these can be found here

Our specialist and technically excellent team can work independently or with your in-house team to provide insight, guidance and recommendations. We know how to manage specific requests or changing requirements from legislators during the registration process.

Our expertise, superb facilities and instruments enable us to handle complex projects including R&D and process development and advise how you may modify your processes to improve the impurity profile and hence optimise the outcome.

Our innovative approach and unequalled performance confirms our position as a trusted, reliable partner and the CRO of choice.


Our capabilities

Download the documents below or speak to an expert to explore EPP’s ability to support your requirements:

Physico-chemical capabilities:

Environmental capabilities: