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Are you producing or importing chemicals? If so, you need to register your chemicals under the UK/EU’s chemicals legislation process.

What is REACH
After the UK left the European Union (EU) in 2020, a new chemical regulation, the EU REACH Regulation was brought into UK law on 1 January 2021. If your company producing or importing chemicals you are required to register your chemicals under the UK/EU’s chemicals legislation process.

EPP can provide support for REACH testing.
EPP have the technical expertise to assist those requiring studies on a number of substances and combined with our know-how, let EPP help ease the testing process for you.

EPP legislative knowledge to guide you through REACH
Our scientists and analytical chemists can provide you with REACH support, conduct your studies and compile your data for use in IUCLID summaries.

At EPP we have a fully GLP compliant facility and offer extensive experience of REACH legislation along with the required regulatory studies.

Does REACH apply to you?
If you manufacture or import substances at or above one tonne a year in the UK and/or EU/EEA markets, you must register them. If you manufacture or import products (mixtures, articles), you may need to register the substances they contain.

What is REACH for?
Some chemicals are hazardous for human health and/or the environment. You need to know about their hazards and their uses to be able to take responsible action. By registering your chemicals, you demonstrate that you have considered the possible risks and can give advice on how to use them safely. You are also playing your part in protecting human health and the environment in Europe and UK.

These two leaflets may help you understand the process in more detail:
ECHA’s REACH Roadmap (Pdf)

Stay on the market – register your chemicals (Pdf)

1. Understand if and how the REACH registration affects your company
2. Find any co-registrants
3. Co-operate with co-registrants
4. Assess hazards and risks*
5. Support your registration dossier with characterisation data for use in your IUCLID*
6. Submit your registration dossier in REACH-IT
7. Keep your registration up to date

* EPP can support you with REACH characterisation studies for eligible test items.

Place your REACH studies with EPP now

Prepare as soon as possible – it takes time to get organised with other registrants and to prepare your registration dossier.

Contact our Analytical Manager Bruce Craig for more information